C & C | The “We should already be married” shoot

Over the past 6 months, I’ve chatted with Chris & Cee a lot, we’d had our final meeting before their wedding just before COVID struck, and they had the heartbreaking news that their wedding was not going to go ahead. And then postponing again once it was clear numbers were not going to go above 30 this year.

I know it hit them hard when the news first came out, so when Christine got in touch to ask if we could do a “we should already be married” shoot, I of course said yes 🙂 I suggested Happisburgh as it has a lovely mix of beach, cliffs and that beautiful lighthouse. As it turns out, they’d never been before, so it was nice to explore somewhere new to them too!

And I of course, used it as an excuse to get the drone up in the air too!

I know how upset they were when they first had to postpone, and I know pushing it back to next year was not what they wanted either. But, I loved being able to take these photos for them, and the wedding next year is going to be amazing!

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