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Albums that are simply

While digital images are fantastic for sharing with friends and family, there is something very special about a printed image, and even more so about a wedding album.

Being able to hold it in your hands, flick through it and re-live your day. Look through it alongside close friends and family and even pass it down through generations. It’s a keepsake to last generations.



I spent a long time choosing an album supplier that both provided the quality I required and a real passion in what they do. Fountain Albums are new to the market, but are born from a professional print lab with over 70 years experience. With a stunning choice of print options, covers and personalisation – every album can be uniquely tailored to you. The incredible quality is matched by the presentation and longevity, giving you a truly stunning album that will last generations.

Available with your choice of a fine art inkjet finish, or my personal favourite – traditional silver halide paper. Developed rather than printed, for incredible quality, tones and contrast, unmatched by anything else on the market, and making these albums truly something special.


The albums are infinitely customisable, from size, choice of papers and number of pages, so these prices are for the most popular sizes and configurations. Have something else in mind? Let me know 🙂

16" x 12"

The Ultimate Album

£ 795
  • - 20 spreads
  • - Fuji Maxima Heavy Paper
  • - Any choice of cover
  • - Leather Debossing, UV Overprint or a Photo Cover

10" x 10"

The most popular album

£ 495
  • - 20 spreads
  • - Lustre Paper
  • - Linen, suede or vegan leather cover
  • - UV Overprint personalisation

14" x 11"

Perfect coffee table size album

£ 645
  • - 20 spreads
  • - Fuji velvet paper
  • - Any choice of cover
  • - Leather Debossing, UV Overprint or a Photo Cover

16" x 12" Photographer's Choice

The Ultimate Album

£ 695
Saves £100
  • - 20 spreads
  • - My choice of paper to perfectly suit your images
  • - Any choice of cover
  • - My choice of images
  • - My choice of personalisation to match your cover


So you’ve trusted me to capture the story of your big day, you’ve seen your online gallery and got your USB in hand. Why not trust me to produce your album for you as well? The same fantastic albums, the same papers, the same print quality. With a twist.

You don’t get to pick anything other than the type of material and the size. Just tell me what size you want the album, and whether you want it in Linen, Leather, Suede or Vegan Leather and leave the rest to me.

It’ll be a complete surprise when it’s delivered to you, and because there’s no proofing process it takes less time to design. Which means: It costs you less. Save £100 on any album order when choosing this option.


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