Sharing your digital images online is great, but physical prints really bring those memories to life.

What better way to preserve your memories and relive your big day than with a beautiful wedding album, made to last a lifetime?

Albums made to last a lifetime

Lovingly hand made in the UK, constructed using time-honed book binding techniques. Each page is sandwiched with archival adhesives, allowing for stunning double page spreads and seamless lay-flat design.

With a choice of photographic papers, sizes, cover materials and customisation options the albums can be made as unique as your wedding.

There’s no ink on paper here, the stunning photographic paper is developed like a traditional photograph ensuring your images will last a lifetime.


1. Choose a size

The albums are available in two square sizes:

  • 10″ x 10″
  • 12″ x 12″

And two landscape options:

  • 14″ x 10″
  • 16″ x 12″

Each page is a double page spread and the images can be printed seamlessly across the entire width.

2. Choose spread

With a minimum of 10 spreads and a maximum of 30, you can customise the size of the album to how many photos you want it to contain.

Each spread will have an average of 4 images on it, so a 10 spread album will contain approx 40 images and a 30 spread approx 120.

Bigger albums can also hold more images, so a 20 spread 16″ x 12″ will contain more images than a 20 spread 10″ x 10″

3. Choose paper type

All of the papers are fantastic, so it’s simply down to taste.

Standard Photographic Paper – This semi-lustre paper has a slight sheen to it. It’s not glossy, but not completely matte.

Velvet Paper – A completely matte finish photographic paper

Maxima – Somewhere between the two finish wise, but with exceptional black and shadow tones.

4. Choose paper thickness

Standard pages are two sheets of photographic paper sandwiched together with archival adhesive.

Double pages have a layer of museum grade foamcore inbetween them making them extra thick and giving a real premium feel.

5. Cover Material

Linen, Hessian and Vegan Leather included as standard, or upgrade to premium leather.

Whatever you choose there are a range of colours and personalisation options to choose from to really make this album yours.

See below for some colour options.

6. Choose cover type

Personalise your cover how you like. With your names debossed, a laser engraved design or a photographic panel behind a sheet of acrylic. There’s something to suit everyone.

See below for more details on each option

Select your images

You have three choices when it comes to selecting your images for your album, either start from scratch, let me guide you with a proof, or trust me entirely. See below for more info:

1. The first option is that I design an album with no guidance from you, then present you with a proof. You can ask for as many changes as you like (changing layout, or photographs) and can do this 3 times before the album is signed off. After those 3 if you want additional changes there is a £50 design fee.

This is often easier than you choosing your images from scratch as it helps guide you as to how many images from prep, the ceremony etc will work with your layout.

2. The second option is that you choose the images yourself and then I design a proof based on that. I will send you a task on your online gallery where you can select the number of images that will fit inside your design.

Once you have selected the images, I will then create a proof and send to you for review. You can select 3 rounds of changes, after which there is an additional £50 design fee.

3. For the third option, you trust me entirely to produce your album. You can choose the cover material, colour and personalisation on the album. But the content is all down to me. You don’t see a proof, you just get the finished album when it’s printed.

This option reduces the price of any album by £100.


1. Configure your album

Use the ordering form below to configure your album choices. This will ask you for size, material type etc.

You will be sent an additional email asking for colour choices, specific personalisation options etc

2. Album design

The album will then be designed based on your options.

Depending on how you’ve chosen to select images, you will either be sent a proof containing your chosen images. Or I will design an album for you as a starting point, and you will request changes.

If you’ve chosen the “photographers choice” option, then this will all happen behind the scenes and you won’t see the album until it’s delivered.

3. Receive your album

Once the design is finished it will be lovingly crafted by our UK based print lab and I will contact you to arrange delivery.

Where possible I will hand deliver these two you, but if this is not an option it will be sent to you by secure courier.

Select your options