All about me

About Me 1

That’s me and my family up there.

I’ve been married to Elizabeth for 5 years, both she and my daughter are what drives me on a day to day basis. We all have a passion for adventure and good food (good gin and coffee too for me and the wife), and love nothing more than heading off to explore somewhere when we get some time off.

Passionate about storytelling

We are all lovers of travel, and when not working, we can be found exploring our beautiful county and further afield. Always with a camera in hand documenting our travels. We’re lucky enough to have travelled all over the world together and are currently planning our next big adventure.

What about you?

I love working with couples that are relaxed, laid back and care-free. That just want to have fun on their wedding day with their family and friends and trust me to capture whatever happens along the way. That will trust me when I spot some beautiful light and drag them away from their dessert for 5 minutes to create a perfect image that will bring back memories for a lifetime.

If what you want to do on your wedding day, is have a blast with your friends and families, and have images that will allow you to relive each and every moment of it. Then we might just be the perfect match.

I would love to hear from you and hear more about your plans!