I’m Andy, a Northerner living in Norwich for the past 20 years!

Married to my beautiful wife Elizabeth and father to the equally beautiful Jessica. Who you’ve no doubt seen pictures of if you’ve checked my blog or facebook page!

Getting Started in Photography

My love for photography came later in life, no fairy-tale about being brought up around cameras and inheriting and old film SLR or anything like that. I bought a bottom end SLR to take some pictures of some holidays and just fell in love with it at that point.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Other Interests

Coffee, Gin, Wine, Crossfit.

The last one may be to reduce the impact of the gin and wine, but I do love it. Helps me stay fit and healthy, important when I’m carrying camera kit around for 12 hours on a wedding day!

I make my own wine, love good coffee and nothing better on a hot day than chilling out with a decent G&T!


We love to travel as a family, and we’re fortunate to have seen some beautiful places and incredible wildlife. But we always do so on a budget! Who needs a posh hotel when you have a jungle to explore and wildlife to see 🙂

Why Weddings?

After a successful, but ultimately soul-destroying, career as a Software Engineer. I decided I needed to do something that was an outlet for what I was really excited about, using photography to tell stories.

And what greater story is there than a wedding day?

Photo above courtesy of Nina Mace Photography