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Hello, I'm

That’s me and my family up there.

I’ve been married to Elizabeth since 2014, both her and my daughter are what drives me on a day to day basis. We all have a passion for adventure and good food (good gin and coffee too for me and the wife), and love nothing more than heading off to explore somewhere when we get some time off. And Jessica is never happier than with her nose in a good book..



  • We're avid travellers - when not working you'll find us planning a trip or an an adventure somewhere
  • I'm a bit of a CrossFit addict, and therefore should be thin. But my love of cheese, wine and good food in general outweighs how much I enjoy working out
  • Jessica had her third birthday on a boat on the Mekong Delta
  • I grew up in Northumberland but have lived in Norwich for over 20 years and have no plans to leave
  • Having travelled all over the world, I still think Norfolk gets the best sunsets
  • I used to captain a paintball team that competed nationally, we were even on BBC news once (which makes it sound like we were much better than we were!)

Why I photographing weddings and families

I just love the range of emotions on a wedding day, there’s always something happening! Laughter, tears of happiness and the looks on the faces of the couple the first time they see each other. All things that I love capturing.

I strive to tell stories with my photography, and what better story to tell than a wedding day, or doing your favourite thing as a family?

Some things I’ve learnt over the years of photographing weddings are:

  • Every couple always looks stunning on their wedding day, always
  • Someone at some point will fall over, and I just hope I'm there to capture it
  • Confetti cannons make dancefloors better. They just do
  • Children will outlast adults on the dancefloor given the chance
  • All wedding cake is *delicious* topped only by a cake made out of actual cheese (IMO!)


  • You want to enjoy your day and have your photographer capture the story of your big day, if moments matter more to you than formal group photos
  • You want photographs of real, authentic moments, not hundreds of formal group photos (we'll of course take some, but we'll be efficient about it
  • The most important part of your wedding day is spending time with your loved ones and having fun

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