About Me 1


I’m based slap in North Norwich, love our city and the county. So much so that since I moved here when I was 18 I haven’t really contemplated living anywhere else.

Now nearing 40, married to Elizabeth and dad to Jessica (that’s the 3 of us up there ^) I’ve been photographing weddings for 7 years. Building on my passion for photography and storytelling.

We are lovers of travel and the outdoors, when not working you’ll most likely find us planning a trip, exploring the local countryside or occasionally enjoying a nice gin!


I learned photography when I started travelling, wanting to document my travels – and not with just a handful of images, but enough to really tell the story of where I’d been and capture the feeling of being there. Wanting to capture those little moments that can make the simplest thing magical.

And then, after photographing a couple of weddings for friends, I just fell in love with it. After all, what better story to tell?


And that’s why I love photographing them so much! Photographing weddings never gets boring because they’re never the same. The people, the details, the moments. All different, but all beautiful.

Being trusted by couples to capture their special day, is the best feeling in the world.

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer, and want someone to tell the story of your whole day. Then get in touch using the form below, I’d love to chat!