We always like to make the most of the time we have as a family, so plan plenty of days out when neither myself or my wife are working, loads of things to do around Norfolk and beautiful places to visit any time of the year.

Wells is always a favourite, beautiful beach and a lovely little town. We’d decided to get there at lunch time and grab some food before heading for a walk, we’d never noticed the Albatross before, since we normally park in the beach car park. It’s an 18th Century Schooner sailing boat that’s moored at the quayside and serves traditional Dutch food.

You can walk around the top deck and admire the views from there, before heading down to the cosy lower deck where the restaurant is located. The pea soup everyone was eating looked amazing, and it obviously was, because they’d sold out of it! So instead, I went for the Dutch Bar Snacks, pickles, salami, olives and cheese with a mustard dip. Lizzie had a smoked salmon Dutch omelette and Jessica just wanted a pancake with lemon and sugar. The food was great, the service slightly slow, but they did say they’d suddenly got busy again after the quiet xmas period, so I don’t think that’s the norm.  I’d definitely recommend eating there, and they even offer B&B if you want to stay somewhere a little different for a night.

After we’d eaten, we started heading towards the Beach, there’s a path you can follow all way from the Quay, was nice to have a bit of a walk and get some fresh air, but it was a little too cold for Jessica, so we didn’t quite make it to the beach, and the drive home was very foggy! Next time we’ll go when it’s warmer so we actually make it to the Beach too…

Anyone else been to The Albatross? What’d you think?