We had no idea where Walsingham Abbey was until we saw and advert in the EDP for the Snowdrop walks that are there! Looked lovely from the pictures we’d seen so we decided to pack up some lunch and head out there one weekend, in the hope that there’d be some nice walks amongst the snowdrops.

It was easy enough to find and there’s a car park just up the road from the main entrance to the Abbey, but be warned, it does appear to get very busy! Took us a few laps of the car park to find a space, but the pay and display charge is reasonable once you have found a space. Entrance to Walsingham Abbey is less than 5 minutes walk from the car park.

Entry to Walsingham Abbey was £5 each for Lizzie and myself, with under 6s being free and once in you’re free to walk around most of the grounds. The area around the main house is clearly signed as off limits, but other than that, you’re free to go wherever. There’s the remains of the Priory and a crypt which currently contains a display telling you the history of Walsingham.

There’s a river running through the grounds with a couple of lovely bridges over them, plenty of benches and places for you to sit and eat your lunch, and at this time of year, snowdrops everywhere. Beautiful place to visit, especially this time of year with the snowdrops and the early sunset.

For more info, see the Walsingham Abbey website

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