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S & P | Hunters Hall

S & P @ Hunters Hall

I got to Hunters Hall just as Bridal Prep was getting underway for Sarah. Her and her lovely bridesmaids were all having a great laugh in the prep room of one of the houses at the Hall. Beautifully kitted out with huge mirrors and lovely lighting which is perfect for both make up artists and photographers!

A few nerves on display during the morning and a couple of tearful moments, but all happy tears of course. 

The ceremony was lovely and I’ve never seen the Starlit Barn at Hunters Hall looking so good. Some heartfelt speaches, incredible food and non-stop laughter all the way through the day. Sarah also managed the trick of catching a load of confetti in her mouth, something I’m not sure she’d like to repeat!

We took a little time out to get some family portraits and some all important shots of the couple, the grounds around Hunters Hall are really beautiful so I took Sarah and Phillip for a walk over a couple of the fields while the last of the sun was in the sky. Then back to their guests just in time for the party to get started.

With live music to fill the dancefloor and a chillout area in the Starlit Barn, there was something for everyone – it makes Hunters Hall a great venue as you can have a couple for rooms set up completely differently in the evening. Giving your guests the choice of partying or just chilling out and chatting.

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