I love how easy digital images are, being able to send them to your friends and family directly, share them on facebook, instagram, twitter etc, I love it, I love sharing my own imagery and I actively encourage my clients to do the same. I make it easy by giving both hi-res and social-media-friendly resolution images on the USB, as well as an online gallery.

But there’s something about images in physical form that digital versions just don’t do justice. Being able to hold the images in your hand, flick through an album and re-tell the story of your big day, amazing holiday or pictures of your family growing up, it seems more intimate, more meaningful.

So when I wanted to get some of our pictures from our trip to Sri Lanka printed, I turned to the same people I use to provide albums for my clients, the wonderful Folio Albums.

From the moment it arrives and you open the mail packaging to find the lovely box containing your album, lifting the lid off that box to find it lovingly placed inside a cotton bag, you know, even before you get a glimpse of the album, that it’s going to be something special. And it doesn’t disappoint, the print quality and colour reproduction is second to none, the full page prints are just stunning and the seam virtually invisible and the thick pages make it a real pleasure to sit and go through the album.

So whether you’re going to order prints through me, or get them done yourselves (after all, that’s why I give printing rights out), please do get some printed, you won’t regret it.