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Preview Wall Art in your own home!

I offer a huge range of wall art, some of which can be seen on my products page, and more that’s available to order in on top of that. But it’s really hard sometimes to picture how something is going to look on your wall.

All I need you to do is take a picture of your wall, straight on, with something against the wall I can reference for size. It could be an existing picture frame, a radiator, a sofa, or anything.

Measure the item’s width in inches and email me both the image and the measurement.

I can then mock up a design based on your request, or book in a video call where I can guide you through picking images that will fit your wall perfectly. We can even preview what it would look like with different frames, all in actual size! Making choosing the right images, the right products and the right sizes incredibly easy.

The images below are my walls as they are (I don’t have any walls without pictures on to take a plain image!) – I know the landscape image is 24″ wide and the multi frame is 26″ wide. So I can import these into my software, and use that as a reference point to generate some new previews.

After importing the pictures and measurements I can then mock up a range of options including different style frames. Making it simple to see what would suit your home perfectly.

The images are below are the mock-ups of what my walls could look like with different option frames.

As you can see, it takes the guess work away! I can see exactly what my wall would look like with a new image on (in the first instance, a 24″ x 16″ print, in a vintage frame with a 2″ white border. And in the second, a 30″ x 24″ multi-aperture frame with a thin black frame).

Sometimes it’s surprising how big an image you need to fill a wall, and I’d hate for anyone to buy something and be disappointed it wasn’t as big as they expected!

What you need to do:

Simply take a picture of your wall, with something against it for size reference, so that I can measure it in my software, as shown below

And then just take a look through my professional print labs products! I have a limited number of samples because I ran out of wall space.. But if you let me know the kind of thing you like, I can help guide you!

Just get in touch 🙂

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