At the end of October we treated ourselves to a well earned break away, but as it’s also on the run up to xmas, and there’s still work to be done on the house, we tried to do it all on a budget.

We searched Easyjet for cheap flights, and found some to an airport on Northern Spain in Oviedo. We knew nothing about the area, but had a look on google and it looked really pretty, ideal for a nice relaxing trip away. After a bit of a search on AirBnB, we found what looked like the perfect place to stay, a little house with an acre of garden, a little swimming pool and 10 minutes drive from the nearest beach. It looked great, nice and secluded, perfect for our little family trip away.

It was so easy to do through AirBnB and the hosts mum met us at the house, chatting away in spanish to our little girl (none of us speak a word, but she was quite enjoying talking to Jessica) and showing us around the property. The house itself had a wood burner, a little pool, and an acre of garden, but the best thing was all the fruit growing in the garden! Cape Gooseberries, kiwis, limes, pears, nectarines! All ripe for the taking, it was great 🙂

We had a lovely week exploring the local woodland, and the towns of Ribadeo and A Coruna. The food was fantastic everywhere we went, and the flights and accommodation cost us a grand total of £300 of all three of us, so it was an absolute bargain too.

This is the lovely little house we stayed in –