Like a lot of people, Matt and Natalie aren’t used to, or particularly comfortable with posing in front of a camera, or being centre of attention. Pre wedding, or engagement sessions are a great way to get a bit more comfortable in that situation, and also for us to get to know each other a little bit better.

They suggested a beach shoot, and we picked the start of Golden Hour at Cromer Beach as we knew there’d be some lovely light then (and I’m keen to point it it was their idea to do it on a beach and therefore not my fault that Natalie had to try and traverse the rocks in her wedges!) 🙂

If someone isn’t comfortable being posed in front of a camera, then there’s no point in forcing it, it’s very easy to just set up a situation where you know you’ll get beautiful images of the couple just by sitting them in the right place, or telling them to walk in front of you, stop at a certain point and look out over the sea while chatting.