We decided to venture down to London to see Kew Gardens for the first time during the Easter Holidays. None of us had been before, and it looks stunning from their website. Jessica is always happy when we’re out and about and she has places to explore, so we thought it’d be a nice easy day out with something for all of us to see.

We find the best way to get to London from Norwich is drive down as far as Redbridge and get the tube from there, saves on the train fare and doesn’t take too long, we just always make sure we have a book or something to keep Jessica entertained on the tube ūüôā

I didn’t realise just how big Kew Gardens is! From the moment you walk through the gate you can see it’s an enormous space, weird that you’re in the middle of London but (if it wasn’t for the flight path) you could easily be fooled into thinking you were somewhere more remote.

The Palm house is stunning, and reminded us of our holidays in Asia. But sadly, the Temperate House, the Pagoda and The Hive were all closed which was disappointing. It wasn’t made particularly clear on their website (it is on there, but I think a notice on the booking page would be helpful), and The Hive was one of the things I’d told Jessica about and she was excited to see! And the sunset shining through the beautiful Victorian glasshouse was beautiful.

They cherry blossom was all in full bloom, and the Japanese garden was gorgeous. We even saw a pair of parakeets flying around the gardens, which I wouldn’t imagine seeing anywhere else in the capital! A few Robins were hopping around when we stopped for a picnic as well, and the Egyptian Geese flying over the lake is always nice to see.

Sadly, even though it was open until 6:30pm, the kids activities all stopped at 4pm. Which was a shame, as it’s such a big site, even with the parts that were closed it took us all day to get around the gardens. We also found out that the hop-on hop-off explorer that drives round the site, isn’t really that hop-on or hop-off as it only runs once every half an hour. So we wouldn’t bother paying the extra for that next time either. Although, if you, or someone in your group, is less mobile, then it might be a good idea.

We would visit again, but I think I’ll wait until the renovations are all complete. Despite the couple of things we were disappointed about, we still had a lovely day. I think if I lived in London, I’d probably have a yearly pass, would be perfect just to go and sit for a picnic on a weekend. Considering we were there for 6 and a half hours, and even with the closures, we didn’t get to see the¬†Waterlily House or the Princess of Wales Conservatory, the site is huge and there’s plenty to do. Just don’t tell any 5 year olds about the Hive before checking to see if it’s open.

Plan your own visit to Kew

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