Hillside Animal Sanctuary

We’ve been visiting Hillside Animal Sanctuary for the past couple of Saturdays. They run a sanctuary for all sorts of animals in need, the farmland is full of cows and horses, as well as running a dog rescue. They rely heavily on volunteering, and we’ve been going along as volunteer dog walkers. It helps the staff out, as they can tidy and clean the kennels while you’re walking the dog, it gives the dogs some much needed exercise and time outside their kennel, which without the help of others, they’d get a lot less of.

And it’s also great for people like us, who love dogs, but find the commitment of having a pet dog doesn’t work with our lifestyle. The past couple of times we’ve been there we’ve walked a different staffy each time, Nicolas, and Daisy. Both had lovely temperaments and didn’t pull on the lead at all, but clearly wanted to be able to run.

The dogs are all quite obviously well looked after by all of the friendly staff, the kennels are always spotless and well kitted out with toys and comfy beds. It thankfully seems to be very popular with dog walkers, as there’s always lots of people parked there and when we got there this morning, despite it just opening, most of the dogs were out for a walk.

They were both great with Jessica too, and happy to sit and be fussed along the way.

Whether you’re looking for a new dog, or just wanting to give a helping hand, give them a call or just pop along, they’re open 11 – 3 apart from on Wednesdays.


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