We all know that with Wedding Photography, the actual wedding day is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the work that goes into delivering images. As well as the client meetings that come before any wedding, there’s also all of the post processing.

They key to ensuring you can keep on top of your workload, not let clients down, and minimise the time we spend in front of the computer, is an efficient workflow. Because, let’s all be honest, we all want to spend more time with our families than we do working!

So I’m going to walk through my process, from importing, to culling images and show you just how quickly it can be done in LightRoom.

File Structure

So, to get started. I have a Catalogue per year. The file structure within each catalogue is the same, so for 2018 I will have:

2018 >

 Weddings >

John & Jen

Engagements >

Dave & Liz

Family >

Jess & family

Personal >

Colchester Zoo

On Import

When I import images, I import them directly into the respective folder with the clients names, and I Keyword them on import, with the clients names and whether it’s a wedding, a family shoot etc. I don’t do anything until all of the images are imported. I know some wedding photographers swear by Photo Mechanic, but if you leave the images to import and previews to generate, I can’t see any real difference to be honest.

But, I don’t edit the files from these folders.

Smart Collections

I do all of my editing from Smart Collections, it makes it all really slick.

I create a Collection Set to match each type of shoot, then within them I create a Smart Collection. The rules I use for that smart collection are:

Keywords – contains all – <whatever keywords you’ve chosen>

Pick Flag – is – Unflagged

This will create a reference to those images you’ve just imported, and show them under your Collections Panel. This isn’t a duplicate copy, simply a reference pointing to the same files.

Culling & Picking For Albums

Then, to cull the images is very simple.

Start at the beginning, and with Caps Lock turned on start going through your images. For my Wedding Photography, if I know I’m going to be designing an album, I have 3 things I want to potentially do with an image – Reject it, Keep it, Flag it for an album.

With them in the Smart Collection and Caps Lock turned on, you can do all of this with 3 keys.

X – sets the flag to reject – and here’s why I use the Smart Collections – The image is removed from the Collection due to the filter.

Scroll Right – Skips to the next image, that one’s a keeper

5 – Sets the rating to 5 stars, and with Caps Lock on, also advances to the next image. This one is a potential for the album.

The Video Below shows just how quick it can be, I’m using a family day out at Colchester Zoo as an example though, so probably won’t actually be printing an album 😉

As you can see, as I reject images they vanish. Meaning by the time I get to to the end of it, I’m left with a collection containing only the images I want to process. No rejected files cluttering up my display

Any other tips?

I’d love to hear if you do something similar, or if you have any other tips on speeding up the post processing! Comment below if you do.

I’ll cover how I edit images and the tools I use for that at a later date 🙂

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