A few weeks ago I was contacted with a very special request..

Ben was going to propose to Katherine, it was a complete surprise, and he wanted me there to take pictures of the special moment… I know a couple of other photographers who have done something similar, but that’s been where the couple have booked a couple’s photoshoot, and then proposed during that.

But this time, Katherine was completely unaware that there was going to be a photographer there at all! I just had to be in the right place at the right time, slightly nerve wracking!

And to make it harder.. I’d photographed her Sister’s wedding last year, and spent a good few hours hanging out with them in the morning during bridal prep! So I had to make sure I wasn’t seen at all.

So I arranged to meet the happy couple just inside the gardens at Blickling and stalk them until they set up for a picnic. Ben picked a spot where they had a lovely view over the lake, which was fantastic for them, but made it a bit tricky for me, I had to find a spot where I could see them, and they couldn’t see me! Cue stealthily working my way through a, thankfully leaveless, tree. So that I could get a good view of them.

She of course said yes 🙂

Congratulations Ben & Katherine!

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