Where to start! I’ve known Ami and Ruth for a few years now, back from when they ran a coffee shop in Norwich called Mustard. Great place, which quickly became more about the people than the food and coffee they served. We bonded over a mutual love of coffee, travel and tattoos!

So when they got in touch asking me to photograph their wedding, I was thrilled! Knowing the girls’ love of art and colour, I knew they’d have something fantastic planned.

Their DIY travel-themed festival wedding was unlike no other! The amount of effort that must have gone into all of the preparations and decorations must have been phenomenal! Incredible decorations, colour everywhere, people having fun every direction you look and both girls looked amazing.

Check out the images below for a taster.

The full gallery is online now at https://gallery.andydanephotography.co.uk/amiandruth but you’ll have to ask them for the password if you’d like to see more 🙂

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